Desk Shui

Although repositioning your desk is probably not an option in a crowded office, there are small changes that you can make to the way you face your environment. Angling your monitor so that you look into a room and away from a window is likely to help you knuckle down. This will mean less distraction and frankly, less misery considering the weather’s current state of affairs. Facing into the room will also subtly open you up to relate with co-workers in a shared space and will make you aware of whoever is entering the room.

It was once said: “tidy briefcase, tidy life.” This might transfer to your desk as well. Allow your workstation to be a reflection of how you would like your work habits to be, not how they currently are. You may notice a natural shift towards a more organized mentality once your desk and papers are in order. Try to keep all dated files and documents sightly but out of sight. If you know that your desk is the calm above a drawer-full of storm, they are less likely to be out of mind.

The chair is your mountain. Could be, or it could just be sensible to be comfortable. Aches and pains won’t help you work harder. Some people don’t remember that most office chairs are adjustable and that sitting in the settings of the previous user won’t do you any favours! If your chair has a pesky squeak, get some WD40 involved. Even if you don’t notice the noise (unlikey), you’ll be driving everyone in the office crazy every time you reach for a biro.

Finally, utilise your space well and keep items that you use regularly easily accessible. Pin boards are an excellent way to keep vital information visible but out of your way. Having a bright workspace that isn’t too warm can help you to stay alert and functioning well. And of course, keeping a couple of Maltesers in your newly tidied drawers wouldn’t go amiss either.

If you have concerns about any of the above, you should feel free to consult your serviced office provider. Any good business centre will be aware of these ways to improve personal working space and should be flexible enough to accommodate your requirements.

Rachel Dooley

Rachel Dooley

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