QV Offices sadly closes its doors.

5 years ago I was running a growing website development business called Vizioz and we were looking to move from our serviced office to a new office of our own. We searched high and low around Reading and couldn't find a space that suited our requirements. After almost giving up hope, Hicks Baker contacted us to say they had a building in Queen Victoria street that was a "little larger" than we were looking for, but they felt we would like the building.

This is how QV Offices was started, I invested all the spare money I had (and more) into starting QV Offices with a lot of help from my Vizioz colleagues, friends and family. We re-decorated the whole building, ripped out old toilets and kitchens, replacing them with modern facilities. We also replaced all the ceiling tiles, carpet tiles, painted all the walls... the list goes on!

The last 5 years has been an emotional roller-coaster of a ride, with highs and lows. I have employed some great people who I hope will all continue on to prosper in their future careers.

Unfortunately, the owner of our building decided to sell the property to a developer who has told us he will now be converting the building into flats, this seems to be happening throughout the whole of Reading town centre. I personally feel this is a real shame for other small business owners as their only options now are to use one of the large serviced office providers who charge significantly more than we have charged our clients and with cross rail coming into Reading this is only going to increase.

I am pretty sure over the next few years small businesses will be completely forced out of the town centre, which is a shame for Reading as it will be losing it's entrepreneurial heart.

Thank you to all our clients over the last 5 years, we have really enjoyed providing the serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting room facilities to you all.

Best wishes for the future,


Chris Houston

Chris Houston

Chris is the Founder of QV Offices, he started the company in 2012 when his other business Vizioz.com needed a new office, for some crazy reason Chris decided to rent the whole building and start a new business which is how QV Offices was formed. Chris spends his time running the two businesses and spending time with his family.

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