Economic potential: women

The role of women in the world and the economy continues to grow. Research has shown that there are not many differences between men and women. Both sexes have the same aspirations, seek to develop success and maintain their businesses. However, women face restrictions on development, taking on the additional responsibilities of providing care for children and the elderly in the family. Women are a little less confident in the beginning, they need support, someone with experience, a mentor who will support them in action and confirm that what they are doing is right. One third of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States are directed by women. In Europe, more and more women start their own business. This is generally a small business, but small businesses turn into the bigger ones.

Many companies do not create appropriate conditions enabling women (especially having children) to work efficiently. Women face many barriers to the effective reconciliation of work and parental responsibilities and household. Fortunately, the situation is improving. Some large companies are starting to provide nurseries to help with child care. Women who start their own business may have a better opportunity to take care of their maternal responsibilities. Many studies have shown that the presence of women as a manager promotes better management, improves efficiency and rationality of decisions, enabling higher profits.

If women are the world’s economic potential, how can we explain their low participation in big businesses? As young women have children or are likely to have in the future, this raises concerns of employers. Later in life, women are often more competent than men to take on new business challenges, especially leadership. Women approach business in a more balanced, cautious, and empathetic way. They are less focused on excessive risk taking.

Social media as a part of women success
It’s not a secret that women gossip much more than men, they are better in interpersonal relations, more patient, talkative and able to listen (it is very important with regards to customer feedback). In an interview, actress and also businesswoman Jane Seymour said: 'I came to the conclusion that the challenges are an opportunity to make life changes”. Social media offers so many new opportunities and channels to reach customers. When a company uses social media, there are no such dilemmas as - what happens if an item is not what a clients expect? Women are creative and have the courage to develop customer relations using social media.

Part of the team
Statistics show that women are more likely to perceive a conflict of interests within a group. When solving problems women usually ask more questions, wanting to get to the bottom of the issue and they are generally more flexible. All the above features have a positive impact on team work. With a friendly, informal atmosphere, employees are not afraid to spontaneously report their ideas and be creative.

Joanna Przybylo

Joanna Przybylo

Joanna believes that great success comes through hard work & dedication. Joanna is a cosmetology graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology and Master’s in hospitality management. Joanna understands the importance of meeting customer’s expectations. Outside of work Joanna is a dedicated family person, who spends most of her free time with her daughter.

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