Small business - big opportunities

SMALL business - BIG opportunities!

If you run a one-man business or you are a passionate freelancer your dreams and goals are big. Even if you are acting on your own you can work for large customers, earn a lot and have spectacular success. Your possibilities are endless.
So, what is the best way to present your micro-business and make an impression at the macro level?

Be PROfessional
You don’t always need an office full of employees, You can arrange the details of even large orders by phone, drinking coffee in your living room. Most clients won’t judge you by the size of your business but by what you deliver. Always ensure you maintain a high level of professionalism. Failure to comply with agreements, being late for meetings, failure to meet deadlines and responding late to messages are all mistakes that will make you look unreliable and ultimately effect your chance of further business.

Everyone is online, are you?
Let your website show that you can meet or even exceed the expectation of your customers. Although you might work alone your website is likely to be where your prospective clients will gain their first impression of your business, so make sure it works well and within a few seconds on your home page, your client should understand what your business does. These days people spend more time on their mobiles than they do on a PC, so make sure your website is responsive and works well on a mobile phone, if you have to pinch and stretch your website to be able to read the content it's not a great user experience and your prospective client might give up, so make things easy on them.

Prestigious address
You can still show off a prestigious address even if you don't have the budget for a serviced office by using a virtual office service. You can keep your home address hidden from your clients and even have client meetings using our meeting room. For sure you'll grow in the eyes of your customers.

5 Original small business ideas that became a real success

1.The Legal Grind
High price, tense atmosphere and low availability this is what legal services usually means. One man decided to change it… Jeff Hughes, a young lawyer from the United States founded a very unusual café which in addition to freshly roasted coffee and desserts serves clients legal advice. The Legal Grind can consult in every respect. Every week, cafe opens its doors for the esteemed experts in specific industries.

Broken arm or leg is nothing pleasant… and Jessica Smith knew about it. She was wearing a cast for several weeks after her accident and she decided to beautifully decorated her cast so that matched her appearance. This is how it started…company Casttoo has established. After three years, the company supplies colourful tattooed casts to leading orthopaedic surgeries and hospitals.

3.Berlin Divorce
The percentage of marriages ending with divorce in Germany is approx. 57 per cent. No wonder why then such a unusual company was established. Do you want your relationship to be over and you need assistant to do it??? There is no easier way to do it - service provided by will contact your other half on your behalf!!! Customers who do not have the courage to deliver such a message in person, will benefit from this offer. Founder of the company or one of its trained staff in a tactful way will inform one of the parties about end of relationship.

4.Letters from Santa
Christmas time it’s a very special family time. Every parent wants to make their children feel special. proves that having a good address is essential. For only $ 10 you can order for your child a letter "from Santa Claus" from the original address: North Pole, Alaska. Since company inception in 2001, the world's children get close to 275,000 letters "from Santa Claus" every year.

5.Rent a Friend
Busy lifestyle, pursuit of money, internet addiction… People forget about social life and physical contact with other people. But don’t worry if you are too busy to find a friend you can rent it. Just simply take advantage of the offer For $ 10 an hour you can hire a person with whom you go for a beer, a walk or just someone who will listen to you. No bad intentions though – website warns. It is not an escort or dating site profile. For just $ 10, we have a “friend” for an hour.

Joanna Przybylo

Joanna Przybylo

Joanna believes that great success comes through hard work & dedication. Joanna is a cosmetology graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology and Master’s in hospitality management. Joanna understands the importance of meeting customer’s expectations. Outside of work Joanna is a dedicated family person, who spends most of her free time with her daughter.

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