Fire safety procedures put into practice

The majority of our office clients were enjoying the Christmas holidays with their families and were un-aware of events that unfolded on the 30th December 2015. As you can see from the photograph above the Reading Fire Brigade were called out due to the Starbucks fire alarm being triggered.

What had happened?

In the basement below Starbucks where the electrical supply enters the building, card board boxes had been stacked up against the main electrical cables which had over heated and caused the cardboard to catch fire, this in turn melted the electrical cables that then shorted the mains electricity supply and knocked out the power for Starbucks.

QV Offices fire evacuation testing

At QV Offices we follow standard fire safety procedures, these include weekly testing of the fire alarms and twice a year we perform a full evacuation test, our clients are not told exactly when this will happen to ensure it is a true test of everyone's response to the alarm. I am very glad to say that this practice means that all our clients know exactly what to do and where to assemble if the alarm is triggered.

The real evacuation

On the day of the Starbucks fire there were only 5 people in the building due to the holiday period and I am glad to say they all evacuated extremely fast due to their understand of what to do in the event of an alarm, this highlights why it is so important for everyone to treat all alarms as though they are a real fire, because you never know when there may actually be one!

Chris Houston

Chris Houston

Chris is the Founder of QV Offices, he started the company in 2012 when his other business needed a new office, for some crazy reason Chris decided to rent the whole building and start a new business which is how QV Offices was formed. Chris spends his time running the two businesses and spending time with his family.

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