Leadership Tips

Leadership is never straightforward. No matter how comfortably some leaders appear to manage, the path of a leader is one filled with constant challenges. However, the leader does not face the challenges alone. By definition, a leader has a group working to meet each challenge and goal.

The Traits of a Leader

Great leaders have a passion for the work they do. When you talk about your vision for the company, let your passion for your vision shine through. Sharing that passion and enthusiasm with employees can help you motivate your employees to become more productive.

Strong leaders know how to communicate effectively with staff at both higher and lower levels in the company. A good communicator keeps their staff informed when any changes or updates to projects occur and is readily available to staff. In addition, they hold regular meetings to ensure that all team members are aware of the status of projects.

Commitment to staff
Excellent leaders appreciate that any success isn’t possible without the help of their employees. By providing training opportunities for your staff and expressing your confidence in their work lets them know that you are invested in them. Strong leaders also allow their employees to make decisions, as opposed to trying to perform every task themselves. It is very important that leaders ensure that each individual employee is treated equally under their management.

Team work
Encouraging employees to work together, rather than competitively, can increase productivity and improve employee morale. A more cooperative atmosphere and group problem solving will ensure tasks are completed on time without personal conflicts.

Employees rely on leaders to make decisions that are quick, logical and correct. If you are unaccustomed to making important decisions, here's a system you can use to become a better decision maker. It's called the Q-CAT:

• Q = Quick. Be quick but not hasty.
• C = Committed. Be committed to your decision but not rigid.
• A = Analytical. Be analytical, but don't over-analyse
• T = Thoughtful. Be thoughtful about all concerned, but don't be obsessive.


Rachel Whelan

Rachel Whelan

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