Things Are Looking up for Small Business Owners

Optimism is in the air for small business owners, according to research by American Express and AXA PPP Healthcare. The American Express Small Business Barometer reported that out of the 500 small businesses surveyed in the UK, a whopping 88% of which recorded growth over the past 12 months, doubling last year's figures of 43%. The number of small firms to report significant growth this year has increased to 49%, up from 13% last year. The owners in question are confident that business growth will continue. Some are even hoping to boost turnover by an average of 24% by next year. 

But it's not just growth that small business owners are cheerful about. Research by AXA PPP Healthcare suggests that some SME owners are happy with the lifestyle that comes with owning a business. Many showed satisfaction over being in control of their own working life, with 70% saying they feel proud, inspired, content and fortunate. Some owners also said they have greater flexibility (58%) and more freedom (37%). 

A proportion (44%) believe that now is a better time than any to start a business, and we couldn't agree more! Are you looking to fulfil your entrepreneurial aspirations and start-up your own business? Here are 3 reasons why now is the best time to do it.

Advanced technology

Nowadays, technology is at the very heart of a successful business plan. Every company needs a user-friendly website, uses email to contact clients and business partners, and does a lot of marketing online to build a brand image. Now you can even get software to do a lot of the handwork for you, such as accounting, customer relationship management and social media management.

A change in the working landscape

These days it's not unusual to work from home. Many start-ups opt for the more affordable choice of having a registered business address to use on their websites, marketing and business cards. This gives start-ups the opportunity to make their business look bigger and boost their reputation.


There are dozens of options available to help you fund your start-up, from bank loans to grants, and investors to crowd funding. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Bianca Villiers

Bianca Villiers

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